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may be angels
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All stories begin somewhere.

This one begins before the beginning, when a dark soul entered a young girl in a town called Chimney Creek, and a precocious boy from Lower Tadfield both began and ended the Apocalypse.

But both those stories have long since ended. It's been a while, as they say, and as luck -- or as Kismet -- would have it, that precocious boy and that young girl, neither of them so very young any longer, have met, because the internet is just that good at bringing people together. Lulled into a sense of friendship, the bonds of understanding formed, secrets have been shared.

And now, Adam Young is determined that some wrongs should be set to right.

The Players

alllifedescends >> The Word - God. The Good Book.

And the VOICE thereof
voiceonhigh >> Metatron

castiel >> Castiel. Original.
knowst_us_happy >> Simon. The Prophecy
seekingheaven >> Bartleby. Dogma
simplecreature >> Loki. Dogma
tarnished_grace >> Gabriel. The Prophecy
theeasterngate >> Aziraphale. Good Omens

firstfallen >> Lucifer. The Good Book.
manna_dropt >> Belial. Milton.
vaguelydownward >> Crowley. Good Omens

her_prophecy >> Mary. The Prophecy
late_speller >> Anathema Device. Good Omens
thomas_dagget >> Thomas Daggett. The Prophecy
young_adam >> Adam Young. Good Omens

onapalebike >> Death. Pratchett.